To me the term technology means employing intelligence to solve problems which cannot be solved otherwise. Like using fire for cooking… that might be the first technology mankind ever implemented.

Now the use of technology in ‘fit-out‘which for simplicity we shall call interior design and build.

Particularly ‘Design industry’ must empathize to human needs which is inclusive of emotional needs which is best done by human interaction and assistance. Any tools to improve the human interaction shall be welcomed. But, and that’s a big fat but, the so called digital technology is taking away the human touch and its nuances should be carefully evaluated before implementing. Like instead of fishing rod, 3D printing fish!!


Yes I use photo shop to make presentation and even for making floor plans. But when it comes to grasshopper (rhino) for generating design options I think we are crossing the line of the empathy quotient.


Now come the Build part of fit-out or design- build. Yes we shall use laser measuring tools, photometer tools and other manufacturing tools. Though it’s the Craft is the heart and soul of a Built process. And that’s what you pay to the builder who builds your house, right? As a builder if I use a mass produced sofa of unknown (known!) origin at you drawing room which will for sure break down on exactly 365th day, will you forgive me?


So let’s encourage the craftiness and use the technology to enhance the same particularly in design and build industry than running amok augmented/virtual reality, 3D printing and so called artificial intelligence. Let it be used in more complex fields like health care, Petrochemical and other industries where health and safety of the operator is challenged crafty hands are unable to add empathy. Let’s don’t 3D print Pizza…

Article By-


Sunil P Stanly

Principal Architect