What’s next in fit-out technology?

To me the term technology means employing intelligence to solve problems which cannot be solved otherwise. Like using fire for cooking... that might be the first technology mankind ever implemented. Now the use of technology in ‘fit-out‘which for simplicity we shall call interior design and [...]

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Ergo, ergonomics wins every time

To the rational mind, ergonomics is a must-have, pretty much non-negotiable. But to business owners on shoe-string budgets it could be a stretch too far, and for dour bean counters, it’s something to scratch their beards about and push down on their list of [...]

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5 reasons why empathy makes for better economics

Granted, always having to view the world from someone else’s perspective can be exhausting, conflicting and even time-consuming. And it’s likely to dilute your own convictions and opinions. But being empathetic is worth its every second in bullion. Here’s why it’s so important to [...]

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2019 – The Year of Tolerance for interior designers

Four ways to ensure diversity and inclusivity in design and build If you really think about it, UAE’s Year of Tolerance has interesting implications for workspace interior designers. It means moving away from homogenous, cookie-cutter offices for one. Business leaders will be thinking diversity [...]

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